Border Crossing Card

A Border Crossing Card (“BCC”) works as both a B1/B2 visitor’s visa and a BCC. A BCC card is a laminated card, similar in size to a credit card. The card is valid for use and travel up to the expiration date listed on the card which usually lasts for ten years after the BCC is issued.

To qualify for a BCC, an applicant must:

  • 1) be a citizen of and resident of Mexico,
  • 2) meet the eligible standards of a B1/B2 Visa,
  • 3) demonstrate that have relationships and ties with Mexico that would make them wish to return after a temporary stay in the United States.
  • All applicants are also required to have a valid Mexican passport at the time of their application.


Children who are Mexican residents under fifteen years of age will pay a reduced fee for a Border Crossing Card. The child must have at least one parent who has a valid BCC is meets the requirements and is applying for a BCC. The BCC that is obtained with a reduced fee will have an expiration date of the child’s fifteenth birthday. Once the BCC is expired, the child will receive a BCC that is valid for the full ten years if the full fee can be paid.

For more information regarding BCCs, and the process of obtaining a BCC, please contact the Law Office of Jeffery Bennett via phone: 816-759-2776 (English), 816-759-2777 (Spanish); or via email: jyb@jybennettlaw.com.