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Legal Immigration Statistics 2013

990,553 people are granted lawful permanent residence in the United States. Approximately 40% of these “green card” recipients, or LPRs, were born in Asia, while about 32% were born in North America. The top countries of origin are:









Immigration Blog & News

DACA Beneficiaries at the 5-Year Mark

Taking Giant Leaps Forward Experiences of a Range of DACA Beneficiaries at the 5-Year Mark By Roberto G. Gonzales, Marco A. Murillo, Cristina Lacomba, Kristina Brant, Martha C. Franco, Jaein Lee, and Deepa S. Vasudevan On June 15, 2012, then-President Barack Obama...

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Immigration: Ensuring Access to Counsel

Trump’s Mass Deportation Plan Is Passed by the House Judiciary Committee The bill would give state and local jurisdictions nearly unchecked authority to enforce federal immigration laws.  SHARE THIS ARTICLE:     Appeals Court Upholds Block on Trump’s Travel Ban An...

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  • Mexico 59%
  • El Salvador 6%
  • Guatemala 5%
  • Honduras 3%

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