Kansas City B2 Visa

B-2 Visas

B-2 Visas provide temporary stay in the United States for applicants who will be participating in business activities in the United States. These Visas are typically given for tourist activities or social events. An individual who has obtained B-2 Visa status is not eligible to work in the United States. Family members cannot be grouped with the same B-2 Visa, each family member must obtain an individual B-2 Visa. Likewise, should a family member be accompanying an individual who has obtained B-1 status, the accompanying family member must apply for an individual B-2 Visa.

An applicant for a B-2 Visa must show each of the following:

  • 1) The purpose of the business trip to the United States is of a legitimate nature or purpose,
  • 2) The stay is expected to be for a specific and limited time period,
  • 3) The applicant must have access to all funds that would cover the expenses of the stay in the United States,
  • 4) The applicant must provide binding ties to a location abroad, proving that the applicant does not plan to abandon their living situation abroad,
  • 5) The applicant must be admissible into the United States.


Activities that could be considered vacation for the purposes of this Visa include, but are not limited to: tourism, vacation (holiday), visits with friends or family members, medical treatments, social events hosted by certain organizations, participation in musical or athletic events, enrollment in a short for pleasure course of study that is not towards a credit or degree.

For more information regarding B-2 Visas, and the process of obtaining a B-2 Visa, please contact the Law Office of Jeffery Bennett via phone: 816-759-2776 (English), 816-759-2777 (Spanish); or via email: jyb@jybennettlaw.com.