Nonimmigrant Visas

There is a wide range of nonimmigrant visas, used for many different purposes, with the validity periods ranging from a few days to several years. A visa may be granted to the principal applicant as well as to his/her spouse and minor children. The different temporary or nonimmigrant visa categories are classified by a letter. The following is a brief list of the NONIMMIGRANT visa categories:

A: Diplomatic employees and their households
B: Business visitors or tourists (one of the most common
temporary visas)
C: Passengers passing through at an airport or seaport
D: Previously assigned for crew members, but eliminated in June 2004
E: Investors or persons engaged in commerce
F: Students
G: Employees of international organizations, such as International
Red Cross
H: Professionals, nurses, and cultural workers, temporary/seasonal
workers, trainees (one of the most common temporary visas)
I: Representatives of international media
J: Exchange visitors, such as students, graduate medical trainees, professors and researchers, short-term scholars, camp counselors
K: Fiancés, fiancées, spouses of US citizens married abroad
L: Certain employees of international companies
M: Language and vocational students
N: NATO employees
O: Persons with extraordinary skills that are recognized nationally
or internationally
P: Athletes, entertainment groups
Q: Cultural exchange visitors
R: Religious workers, such as Rabbis and Priests
S: Criminal informants
T: Victims of international trafficking in persons
TN: Certain professionals from Canada, Mexico
U: Victims of crimes
V: Spouses and minor children of permanent
residents who are awaiting green cards

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