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Becoming a US Citizen

The most secure immigration status you can have is that of a US citizen. Lawful permanent resident’s status can be taken away if you take a lengthy trip outside the US or commit certain criminal acts or violations of immigration law. In contrast, US citizenship affords many advantages, such as ease of travel with a US passport, the right to vote, and to receive priority in your family-based immigration petitions, to confer citizenship on your children, and to qualify for health and social benefits.

In order to apply for citizenship (naturalization), generally you must already have a permanent resident card (green card) for three or five years depending on your current marital status. Other requirements include having lived in the United States for certain amount of time, having English skills, and having knowledge of US history (the last two requirements can be waived in certain circumstances depending on disability, age, and duration of permanent resident status).
Living in the United States legally or becoming a US citizen is a dream for many. Beginning with an immigration application, you can embark on your journey to realize these dreams and aspirations.

USCIS, the agency which adjudicates naturalization applications, imposes specific requirements on permanent residents seeking to naturalize. The Law Office of Jeffrey Y. Bennett, LLC can analyze your unique circumstances to determine if you are eligible to apply for naturalization and we stand by you through each step of the naturalization process, including:

Analyzing your case
Addressing critical problems
Collecting vital evidence
Submitting your application
Preparing you for the naturalization test
Accompanying you to the USCIS interview

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