After Almost 20 Years, Honduran Temporary Protected Status Holders Lose Permission to Stay

Honduran TPS holders now face the impossible choice of whether to leave the homes and families they’ve created in the United States only to face an unfamiliar country plagued by pervasive violence.

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Government’s Detention of Pregnant Women Questioned by Immigration Groups

The complaint highlights the cases of ten women who report being ignored and denied adequate medical care even in emergencies, such as when they experienced pain, bled and—in some instances—eventually suffered a miscarriage. Sadly, these experiences are not isolated events.

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Immigrants Are Founding a Quarter of New Businesses in the United States

And these small businesses employ almost half of all U.S. workers.

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The Government Is Filing Charges Against More Migrants Than Ever Before


The Department of Justice announced it filed criminal charges on Tuesday to prosecute some migrants who recently crossed the border and were reportedly once a part of the caravan. The vast majority of the migrants from the caravan are asylum seekers fleeing persecution, grave violence, and the risk of death. Unfortunately, these attempts to criminalize migration are on the rise.

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Customs and Border Protection Is Breaking the Law by Refusing Entry to the Migrant Caravan Members

It is not against the law to present oneself at a port of entry seeking asylum and protection in the United States. What is against the law is refusing them entry and a fair process.

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