ILRC has updated its chart comparing the criminal and inadmissability grounds for the Dream Act and related legislation. We added the recently introduced SUCCEED Act. The main takeaways of our comparison is as follows:


  • Fails to exclude state and federal immigration offenses (unlike Dream and RAC);
  • Contains a misdemeanor bar that does not exclude suspended sentences (unlike Dream and RAC);
  • Re-incorporates the significant misdemeanor bar in a broader manner than the BRIDGE Act;
  • Contains a narrower expungement provision than BRIDGE, Dream, and RAC;
  • Contains undefined public safety and national security grounds that disqualify individuals who violate their CPR status from applying for a waiver;
  • Contains the largest number of grounds of inadmissibility and deportability, including failure to update your address and triggering of the permanent bar; and
  • Contains a good moral character requirement, like the RAC Act.

The chart is attached and may be found at our link here:

2017-09 Comparison of Criminal and Inadmissabilty Bars for 2017 Dream Act and Related Legislation