The American Immigration Council invites you to participate in a special exchange visitor (J-1 visa) program for Mexican interns. Not only does this program present a promising business development opportunity, but it also offers you the chance to be part of an important foreign policy strategy aimed at improving the relationships between the United States and Mexico.

The Department of State has authorized the American Immigration Council to serve as a sponsor for a limited number of Mexican interns.
This is in addition to our annual allotment for the general J-1 intern program. This new allotment of J-1 visas is part of a U.S.-Mexico initiative launched in March 2015 to allow the exchange of 100,000 Mexicans and 50,000 U.S. interns as a public/private effort.
There are two ways in which you can participate:

1.)    Encourage your business clients to make internships available to qualified Mexican students. We know that business relationships with Mexico begin with personal relationships. Hosting a Mexican intern allows the American business to develop a close personal relationship with a young Mexican professional. This, in turn, leads to business opportunities when the intern returns home.

2.)    Host an intern in your law office. As Mexico responds to a swell of immigration on its southern border, it needs a generation of lawyers to help address Mexico’s own immigration needs. The internship also allows your law firm to develop trusted ties with a legal professional in Mexico who learn about immigration policy and law and will come to understand the laws of both our countries. This can help your firm better serve your business and family clients.

Today, more than ever, the public discourse on U.S.-Mexico relations is dominated by myths and misunderstandings. The reality is that the United States is Mexico’s largest international trading partner. We share a 1,933 mile border. And, it certainly is in the best interest of both countries to improve our understanding of one another.

The American Immigration Council is thrilled to become a designated sponsor of this exciting initiative. Please contact us to discuss this business development opportunity for you and your clients.