NEED TO CONTINUE DACA:Now that the Trump administration has cruelly and inhumanely ended the DACA program, it is critical that Congress step up and pass legislation to permanently protect Dreamers.

  • With the end of DACA, it is now more important than ever for Congress to pass a permanent solution to protect Dreamers from deportation and provide them with a path to lawful status so that they are recognized as the Americans they are..
  • Although anti-immigrant voices may feel that they have won their crusade to end the program, this is only the beginning of the fight to protect a population that Americans overwhelmingly support.
  • It is reprehensible that the administration gave in to anti-immigrant threats instead of standing up for what is right. Now Dreamers and their families are forced to live in fear until Congress takes action.
  • There is widespread support for multiple bills in both the House and Senate that provide permanent relief for Dreamers. This is not the time to play political ping-pong with these Dreamers’ futures. Congress MUST act now to pass the bipartisan Dream Act of 2017 without any holds, games, or trades by any party.
  • Dreamers are Americans and have the support of their fellow Americans. They contribute significantly to our communities and to our economy.
    • For more than 15 years, an overwhelming majority of Americans have consistently agreed that Dreamers deserve a chance to build their lives and their futures in the only country they know as home. Dreamers are an integral part of our country and our local communities.
    • Every Dreamer has his or her own unique story. Some seek to continue their education or a chance to work, and many simply wish to live a life free from fear. But all of them seek a better life and all Dreamers are Americans. They grew up in America, they were educated in America, and they contribute to the American economy.
    • Dreamers contribute significantly to our communities and our economy. Reports have shown that eliminating DACA would cost $433.4 billion in GDP over a decade, and reduce Social Security and Medicare tax contributions by $24.6 billion over the same time period.
    • With their hard work, perseverance, and deep community roots, Dreamers make our country stronger and better.