Homeland Security Ends Temporary Protected Status for Earthquake-Ravaged Nepal

An estimated 8,950 Nepalese nationals currently receive Temporary Protected Status and will now lose this protection.

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Here’s What Happened Inside the Supreme Court During the Travel Ban Arguments

The Supreme Court held arguments on Wednesday over President Trump’s travel ban. Here were the key moments from the hearing.

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Justice Department Will Not Halt Legal Orientation Program for Detained Immigrants, Reversing Course for Now

Just two weeks after the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced a suspension of the Legal Orientation Program, Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified that DOJ will reverse course and continue the program—at least for now.

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The Trump Administration Is Placing More Long-Residing Immigrants Into Court Proceedings


More deportation cases are showing up in immigration court that involve longer-term residents of the United States rather than recent arrivals.

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Department of Justice Ignores Its Own Evaluators’ Recommendations on Immigration Courts

A newly-released document exposes that the Department of Justice is making radical changes to the immigration court system that deliberately contradict the recommendations given to the department by its own independent evaluators.


Article Sources from : ImmigrationCouncil.org