Remembering the Promise and Power of the American Dream on Independence Day 
We’re celebrating our nation’s birthday and independence this weekend. But in addition to the history, we should also celebrate the immigrants who continue to come here to contribute and enhance our nation and remember the millions who already feel like Americans and are simply waiting for an opportunity to make it official.
Report Says Obama Should “Go Big” on Immigration Action
A timely new analysis from the Center for American Progress makes the case that the president should “go big,” implementing policies and programs that help the maximum number of immigrants.
New Report Helps Explain Why Central American Children Are Leaving Their Home Countries
In an attempt to help fill the knowledge gap, the American Immigration Council released a report that highlights the intricate ways in which violence, extreme poverty, and the desire to reunite with family members, help shape these kids’ decision to migrate.
Effort to Quickly Deport Child Migrants Fails to Address the Problem 
The White House informed Congress Monday that it would seek additional funding for an aggressive border enforcement strategy designed to thwart the dramatic increase in unaccompanied minors and families crossing the southwestern border, to expend more resources on fighting traffickers and drug smugglers, and to work closely with Mexico and Central American countries to end the violence and other factors driving people from their homes.
Obama Announces He Will Act Without Congress On Immigration Reform
President Obama said Monday that he plans to take administrative action to “fix as much of our immigration system as I can on my own, without Congress.” An administration official said the announcement came after House Speaker John Boehner formally told the president last week that the House will not act on immigration reform legislation.