The Denver Immigration Court (EOIR), effective Wednesday, July 2, 2014, will suspend all non-detained cases and hearings at the Denver – Downtown Immigration Court.
This includes all Master Calendar and Individual Calendar Hearings at that location.
This notice does NOT affect scheduled detained cases at the Aurora Detention Facility.
At the request of the court, we are sending this notice to confirm that all cases schedule on or after July 2, 2014, at the downtown Denver Immigration Court, are suspended until further notice.   We do not have confirmed information at this time, on how long this action will be in effect.
The Denver Immigration Court Judges have been assigned to focus their immediate attention on the situation related to the unaccompanied minor children that have been crossing the US Southern border in waves over the last weeks.
Due to the growing humanitarian crisis in Central America,  this is quickly (already) developing into a serious refugee crisis, especially related to minor children.  Efforts are underway to transfer hundreds of minor children immediately to a facility in Artesia, New Mexico, where hearings (using teleconferencing) will be utilized.  The Denver Immigration Judges will be tasked to focus their immediate efforts on this project.
Unless there is a compelling reason, please to do not call the court to confirm this information.  Notices for re-setting of all cases will be resolved and generated as appropriate in the coming weeks, and further information will be released from our EOIR Liaison and AILA Colorado Executive Committee.
The Immigration Court Clerk (office/window) remains open for appropriate and necessary filings related to any pending cases.
Cases for detained foreign nationals will continue as scheduled at the Aurora, Colorado detention facility.  We have been informed that substitute judges may be assigned from outside of Colorado to assist with pending cases at the facility.