As you many of you know, the TPS designation for Haiti is set to expire on July 22, 2017, and DHS Secretary Kelly is required to decide whether to issue a renewal or termination 60 days before expiration (May 22, 2017). Moreover, there are additional redesignations coming in the next year and a half for El Salvador and Honduras. In light of the possibility of TPS ending for these three countries, the Immigrant Legal Resource Center in conjunction with Professor Tom Wong has released a new report, Economic Contributions by Salvadoran, Honduran, and Haitian TPS Holders. The report focuses on economic losses including GDP, taxpayer costs, Social Security and Medicare, and turnover costs stemming from ending TPS for these three countries. The report is attached and also available at -tps-cost. Report findings and sample tweets below.
According to the report, for Haiti specifically, terminating TPS would lead to:
  • $2.8 billion in GDP reduction over a decade
  • $428 million in lost Social Security and Medicare contributions over a decade
  • $60 million in turnover costs for businesses
  • $468 million additional costs to taxpayers in terms of enforcement.
Additional findings of the report include the following:
  • There are approximately 186,403  Salvadorans, 70,281 Hondurans, and 46,558 Haitians who currently hold a valid grant of TPS, for a total of approximately 300,000 individuals. 
  • Deporting all Salvadoran, Honduran, and Haitian TPS holders would cost taxpayers $3.1 billion dollars
  • Ending TPS for these three countries would result in a $6.9 billion reduction to Social Security and Medicare contributions over a decade. 
  • Ending TPS for these three countries would lead to a $45.2 billion reduction in GDP over a decade. 
  • The wholesale lay-off of the entire employed TPS population from these three countries would result in $967 million of turnover costs, e.g. costs employers incur when an employee leaves a position. 
  • The loss in GDP and turnover costs would be felt most acutely in the locations where Salvadorans, Hondurans, and Haitians are primarily located, including major metropolitan areas in Florida, New York, California, Texas, Maryland, and Virginia.
We are urging stakeholders to use this information to remind the Secretary that TPS for Haiti is in our national interest and encourage him to extend TPS for an additional 18 months.  
General Tweets
“New Report: Ending TPS for Haiti, El Salvador, & Honduras would lead to $45B reduction in GDP: #SaveTPS @DHSGov”
“Cost of Ending TPS 4 Haiti, El Salvador, & Honduras: $45B GDP loss, $6.9B tax loss, & $967M employer costs #SaveTPS “
“New Report: Deporting Haitian, Salvadoran, & Honduran TPS holders would cost taxpayers over $3B #SaveTPS @DHSGov “
Haiti-Specific Tweets
“New Report: Ending Haiti TPS would lead to $2.8B GDP loss, $428M lost taxes, and $60M turnover cost #SaveTPS @DHSgov”
“New Report: Deporting Haitians with TPS would cost ~$469M: #SaveTPS @DHSgov”