C-1 Visa

C-1/D: Crewmember Visa


Crewmember, or D Visas, are nonimmigrant visas for persons working on board sea vessels or international airlines in the United States. Applicants must provide services required for normal operation and must intend to depart from the United States on the same, or any other vessel within 29 days. Any crewmember who is traveling to the United States to join the vessel that they will work on must have a transit, C-1 Visa, in addition to their crewmember visa. In this situation, the crewmember could also provide a combination C1/D Visa.

Examples of travel purposes that require Crewmember Visas may include: pilot or flight attendant on a commercial plane, captain or worker on a sea vessel, any crewmember on a cruise ship, any trainee on board a training vessel. Examples of situations in which an individual does not need to obtain a crewmember visa include: the primary services you will perform are dry dock in nature, if you are a crewmember of a fishing vessel and do not intend to stay in United States waters for more than 29 days, If you are a coasting officer who’s vessel will not remain in United States waters for more than 29 days, a crewmember of a private yacht sailing out of a foreign port which will be in United States waters for more than 29 days.

A crewmember who wishes to obtain a crewmember visa has many steps that they must go through in order to receive the visa. The first of which is to complete the online visa application. The online form to complete is the Form DS-160, after the completion of the application the crewmember must be prepared to bring the application and a photo ID to an interview. Scheduling an interview is the next step in the process. IF the crewmember is 13 years of age or younger or 80 years of age and older, an interview is generally not required. If the crewmember is between the ages of 14 and 79 then an interview is required. The interview generally takes place at the United States embassy or consulate where the applicant resides.

Documents that are required to bring to an interview include: a passport valid or travel to the United States, a nonimmigrant visa application Form DS-160 confirmation page, a receipt for showing the applicant paid the application fee, a valid photo ID. Documents that may be request but are not required include documentation showing: the purpose of the trip, the crewmember’s intent to depart the United States after the trip, the ability to pay for all costs associated with the trip.


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