Traffic Ticket Tips

Tips on Traffic Related Offenses

1) Have you had the misfortune of receiving traffic related ticket especially a DWI or DUI? Remember, time is of the essence. It’s an unpleasant experience so you may want to ignore it, but don’t. It’s not going away on its own. It is extremely important that you immediately seek legal advice to secure your rights, as there are time limitations that begin to run such as the 15-day administrative hearing requirements. Also potential evidence in your case may be in danger of being lost or contaminated.

2) If you receive a ticket and you are under age 21 in Missouri and Kansas, you may be required to take a one-time Alive @25 class before you are eligible for a ticket amendment.

3) By paying a ticket you are either pleading guilty or no contest. No contest means you are not saying you are guilty and you are not saying you are not guilty. You are just NOT contesting the charges. But the result of signing your ticket either guilty or no contest is that you are found guilty of a moving violation and it is recorded on your Driver’s Record.

4) Having a moving violation on your record will (eventually) increase your insurance rates. It may not be immediate but when your insurance carrier finds out the increase typically occurs over 3 years and on average 10-30% increase especially for younger drivers and for more serious offenses.

5) If you are found guilty, the following points will be assessed to your driving record: speeding (2-3 pts), 1st DWI/DUI (8pts), 2nd DWI/DUI (12pts), and Driving While Suspended or DWS (12pts).

6) In limited cases, you may be able to set aside a guilty plea for certain traffic violations.

7) Hiring an attorney may help you to get speeding and minor traffic offenses amended to zero-point, non-moving violations which are not reported to the Driver’s License Bureau and thus keep points off your Driving Record. For more serious offenses, an attorney can help set aside, lessen or avoid a conviction.

8 ) Your ability to receive an amendment on a ticket and how much the fines and court costs will be varies depending on a number of factors such as: the violation, the jurisdiction, your speed, your age, your prior driving record, where your offense occurred such as a school or construction zone, or if there are additional charges such as no seat belt, no insurance, DWI/DUI, or DWS.

9) The cost to you that an attorney will charge includes: the fines, the court costs, and the attorney fee to facilitate the court process or an amendment (either to go to court for you or to meet with the prosecutor). The attorney fee varies by court, case, time involved, and charges against you.

10) Never ignore taking care of traffic related offenses even a simple speeding ticket because it can later cause severe negative consequences to your freedom, criminal record, insurance rates, employment, academic studies, or driving privileges.


DWI offenses have both criminal consequences (for the alcohol offense) and administrative law consequences (for suspension or revocation of the driving privileges) and involve different procedures for handling each matter. Handling one does not necessarily mean the other is resolved.

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