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Motor vehicle violations are more than just getting a traffic ticket and paying a simple fine. These violations can result in the loss of your license, jail time, increase automobile insurance premiums, require payments of large fines and restitutions, and cause lifelong damage to your professional life.

The Law Office of Jeffrey Y. Bennett, LLC can handle your individual or commercial driver’s license traffic related charges whether it is for the first time offense or a repeated one. We can assist in getting you reduced fines; saving your license, minimizing jail time, and helping you repair the consequences to your professional career. Let us help you stay on the road and continue on with your life.

Our Traffic/DUI/DWI practice provides services for the following traffic related matters:

  1. Infractions Defense
  2. Municipal Defense
  3. Misdemeanor Defense
  4. Felony Defense
  5. Juvenile Representation
  6. Minors in Possession
  7. Traffic Violations
  8. Driving While Intoxicated (Under the Influence)
  9. Driving with no Insurance
  10. Driving on a Suspended or Revoked License
  11. Hit and Run Accidents
  12. Reckless Driving or Careless Driving
  13. Drug Related Offenses
  14. Car Searches
  15. Defense of Auto-Related Criminal Charges
  16. Driver’s License Reinstatement Assistance
  17. Collection Assistance for Personal Injury and Property Damage


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