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Estate Planning is not just for people with a lot of money. Anyone who has property such as money, stocks, insurance, a business, real property, or even personal belongings has a need to plan for their death so that their loved ones, business partners, and charitable beneficiaries are protected and provided for.

A comprehensive estate plan may involve planning for the care of a surviving spouse, domestic partner, or children; a business, farm or house; life insurance or retirement plan arrangements; life time gifting to relatives or charitable donations; family limited partnerships or closely held family businesses; or the disposition of personal belongings of monetary or sentimental value.

Our Probate practice provides services in both estate and trust planning and probate administration including:

  1. Wills and Testaments
  2. Asset and Property Dispositions
  3. Revocable or Irrevocable Trusts
  4. Special Needs Trusts
  5. Testamentary Trusts
  6. Pet Trusts
  7. Trust Administration
  8. Guardianships
  9. Conservatorships
  10. Durable Powers of Attorney
  11. Healthcare and Advance Directives
  12. Liquidity and Insurance Planning
  13. Beneficiary Deeds
  14. Deeds of Gift
  15. Nonprobate Transfers such as Transfer on Death, Payable on Death, and Beneficiary Designations
  16. Business Succession Planning
  17. Charitable Giving
  18. Tax Considerations
  19. Estate (Probate) Administration
  20. Probate Hearing Representation



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