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Family Law and domestic relations matters often have issues that require the persons involved to address them over long periods of time and in hostile and stressful environments. The Law Office of Jeffrey Y. Bennett, LLC has a commitment to help the needs of individuals, parents, divorcing spouses, domestic partners, and families through these often difficult times.

Our Family Law practice provides services for the following domestic relations matters:

  1. Divorce (Dissolution of Marriage)-Contested or Uncontested
  2. Legal Separation
  3. Spousal Support (Maintenance or Alimony)
  4. Division of Marital Property and Debts
  5. Pre-nuptial Agreements
  6. Post-marital Agreements
  7. Domestic Partnerships
  8. Paternity (unmarried parents)
  9. Unmarried Parental Rights
  10. Parenting Plans
  11. Child Custody and Visitation
  12. Child Support
  13. Modifications of Prior Judgments or Decrees
  14. Modifications of Parenting Plans and Child Custody
  15. Relocation Issues
  16. Issues Involving Active or Retired Military Personnel
  17. Orders of Protection for Children and Adults
  18. Stalking
  19. Domestic Violence
  20. Guardianships for Minor Children
  21. Conservatorships for Minor Children
  22. Adoptions
  23. Uncontested Stepparent Adoptions
  24. Administrative Hearings
  25. Enforcement of Current Judgments/Decrees/Family Court Orders
  26. Contempt of Court Actions involving Family Law Matters
  27. Mediation of Family Law Matters
  28. Arbitration of Family Law Matters
  29. Collaborative Law


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상담을 위한 한국어 통역사 서비스 요청에 의해 가능합니다
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